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Cirurgiad Unha Encravada

Ingrown toenail surgery

What is ingrown toenail surgery?

Surgery is a procedure that seeks to definitively resolve the ingrown toenail. Most of the time, it involves modifying the corner of the skin that is ingrown (canthoplasty) and permanently removing the nail root (matricectomy) from that portion of the nail using potent chemicals. When we have excessive skin growth around the nail (both on the side and at the end of the nail), it may be necessary to remove portions of the skin. You may also need to use points.


What are the benefits of ingrown toenail surgery?

These two procedures, performed during surgery, have been shown to be the most effective in reducing the possibility of having an ingrown toenail again.  


Local anesthesia is used, which completely eliminates pain during surgery.


It can be performed on an outpatient basis, in the doctor's office or in a surgical center, depending on the patient.  


Do I need to perform tests before ingrown toenail surgery?

The diagnosis is clinical, but imaging tests may be necessary if an anatomical problem is suspected. Some patients may need control tests before undergoing surgery.

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